Chapter 1 Summary

Eager for adventure, our plucky young protagonist Bonnie Mc’Carthy, starts her first day as a Safety Scout expecting a summer filled with fun camp activities. But this dream is soon cutshort when Bonnie’s chaperone is mysteriously missing to pick her up. 


Trapped in the pouring rain and unable to contact her mother, Bonnie ventures alone into the subway tunnels where she encounters her squeamish chaperone Rose sleeping on the job. Both Rose and Bonnie, irritated by each other's antics, quickly take note of the looming rat population which aggressively surrounds them. Fleeing further into the subways tunnels the two are left with no other options than to defend themselves from the rodent hoard. 


Armed with an electric glove and quick wit, Bonnie single handedly takes care of the mutant rats, taking their small brainy leader as her pet. On their way out the two are stopped by a mysteriously friendly woman in white. The woman offers Bonnie and Rose a ride back to the CCPD headquarters.



After finally getting some rest our perspective shifts to the irritable Rose, who is soon confronted by an aggressive woman and her giantess cohort. Not one for confrontation Rose flees the scene to hide in the restroom. Rose’s plans of escape are undercut by an unfortunate run-in with Bonnie’s mother, who is pissed that last nights events took place. Stuck between a rock and a hard place Rose swallows her fear and confronts the stalking giantess putting her to rest.


Bonnie, now well rested and hungry, begins to wander around the facility in search of some breakfast. Aided by super strength,, Bonnie wanders into a lab of some sorts and frees a bunch of mutant rats, destroying the facility in the process. 

Confronted again by the mysterious woman in white Bonnie learns the true purpose of the facility, and reason for her latent powers. 


Trained to combat mysterious powers known as “Hazards” the CCPD tries to reduce the damage done by any individual who may have these destructive abilities. Bonnie and Rose now forcefully indoctrinated into the CCPD’s ranks leave summer camp and begin their mission.