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How we feel huh? guess we never put too much thought into it with all this sugary cereal going through our veins. But we know for sure that we feel pretty strong... but what about these other things?



It's stat allotment time fellas we have seven points each for Bonnie and Rose. to allocate into stats all starting from grade D.

Every person is allowed to vote on +1 stat for both girls raising the grade by one letter for each vote.
(e.g. "+1 AGI for Bonnie and +1 END for Rose")

Bonnie's strength can't be altered
Rose's Perception can't be altered either

The grades are as follows;
D-Below Average
B-Above average
A- Phenomenal
S- Super Human

STR =Strength AGI =Agility PER = Perception
DEF =Defense INT =Intellect END = Endurance

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