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>does the tranq gun have a clip of more than one dart? if so that might be the fastest plan...


>Redirect attention so that the titans clash, and you can slip away.

I-It’s a just a tranq gun! I’m trying to protect Bonnie!”

I cry out, in an attempt to convince her not to shatter my face.


Cautiously relinquishing her grasp, the mom asks
“What?! Protect her from what!?!”

(oh god there's that feeling again...)
Without a moment’s hesitation I try my best to explain the situation.
“Look, ma'am, you're very scary, and we've been less then perfect in the past, but we're trying to make up for it.
There's some bad people after your daughter, and that w-”

The feeling of something crawling up my throat, stops my words dead in their tracks.


Why do I suddenly feel paralyzed, Why do I feel so woozy?! Why can't I shake this feeling...

whoopsie daisy.gif

...That something bad is going to happen.

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